AR9 9mm Bolt


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The best full mass 9mm bolt out there, at least that's our opinion.  You can find this exact same bolt for a lot more money with some well known logos on them, or you can pick up this one with a lesser known logo, or even no logo, for significantly less!  Turns out bad cats are cool, so pick one up today.  If you are more of a dog lover, we have a version where the cat isn't visible when installed.

  • Compatible with AR15/9 setups that use Colt, Glock, or MP5 style magazines
  • Full auto compatable and works with the Fostech Echo binary trigger system
  • Ramped, so it can be used with any hammer
  • Works with Law Tactical folder system as well as other specialized buffer/stock systems
  • Machined from 8620, heat treated and ground
  • H&M Nitride finish
  • Uses a standard AR15/M16 style extractor
  • Stainless steel firing pin with rebound spring
  • Rear weight is removable, secured by a roll pin


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