AR9 9mm Bolt - Choose Your Logo

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The best full mass 9mm bolt out there, at least that's our opinion.  You can find this exact same bolt for a lot more money with some well known logos on them, or you can pick up this one with a lesser known logo for significantly less!  Turns out bad cats are cool, so pick one up today.  Plenty of logo options here.  If you don't see what you want, we can probably do it for you.  Email us at for any custom logo requests.

  • Compatible with AR15/9 setups that use Colt, Glock, or MP5 style magazines
  • Full auto compatable and works with the Fostech Echo binary trigger system
  • Ramped, so it can be used with any hammer
  • Works with Law Tactical folder system as well as other specialized buffer/stock systems
  • Machined from 8620, heat treated and ground
  • H&M Nitride finish
  • Uses a standard AR15/M16 style extractor
  • Stainless steel firing pin with rebound spring
  • Rear weight is removable, secured by a roll pin, & compatable with KAK Industry tungsten weights.