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Looking to use the correct "mil-spec" grease on the barrel nut of your next build, but don't want to buy and entire tube?  Here is your solution.  1 fluid ounce (a bit more than that in reality) of the correct Aeroshell 64.  Apply a little bit to the threads of your barrel nut to ensure you can get it off at a later date and help prevent corrosion.  Each jar should last you 15-20 builds or more. You don't need too much.  

Includes application brush

Here is some interesting information about Aeroshell 64, straight from Shell.


The history of AeroShell Grease 64 starts with AeroShell Grease 33. That was the first grease to cover most airframe needs, as well as offering exceptional corrosion and wear resistance. That’s why it was chosen by many respected aviation bodies, including Boeing and Airbus, and was the first to meet the BM 3-33 specification.

Yet, some highly loaded, sliding applications to the airframe still needed a grease that could offer extreme pressure protection. So, using the same technology as ASG33, with molybdenum disulphide added in, AeroShell Grease 33MS was created.

The name was change to Aeroshell 64 to keep it from getting confused with Aeroshell 33.

  • Oil type – Synthetic Hydrocarbon/Ester.
  • Thickener type – Lithium Complex.
  • Useful operating temperature range – -73°C to +121°C.
  • Worked Stability (100,000 strokes) - 305mm to 310mm
  • Low temperature torque at -73°C – Starting torque of 0.5Nm and 1 hour running torque of 0.060Nm.
  • Anti-friction bearing performance at 121°C – Greater than 1,000 hours on all four runs.
  • Extreme pressure properties load wear index – 81.7.
  • Copper corrosion over 24 hours at 100°C – Passes the test for the MIL-G-21164D specification .
  • Rust prevention/bearing protection over 2 days at 52°C – Passes the test for the MIL-G-21164D specification . No corrosion.
  • Colour – Dark grey.


Now stop being a nerd and go build an AR!

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How do they make this stuff?
Written by Josh on 17th Mar 2024

I don't want to think about how BAD sources this stuff from giant monsters, but I can tell you that it works great.