Blemished AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver - Clear Anodized

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SKU 213-0505-003-B-NO-NO

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Blemished Bad Attitude Department AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver - Clear Anodized

These are blemished uppers.  They will have cosmetic defects including dents, dings, scratches, and inconsistent color. 
  • Mil-Spec Type Type 3 Class 2 anodizing - clear (Clear anodizing varies in shade and texture)
  • Dry film lube in the interior
  • Fits all standard Mil-Spec dimensioned components
  • Custom engraving available

A note about clear hard coat anodizing - it is not an even color as it is effected by the aluminum beneath the anodizing as well as the way the light reflects off the finish.  Unlike anodizing with black dye, it also does not cover minor imperfections that would normally not be seen.  It is every bit as protective as hard coat anodizing with black dye. 

Dry film lube has been applied to the interior of these uppers.  This may make your charging handle and BCG fit snug at first.  Working them back and forth will break in the coating and allow for a very smooth and precise fit.