Sprinco 5 Coil Extractor Spring - 10 Pack

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SKU 216-1601-001

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10 Pack - Sprinco 5 Coil Extractor Spring - Includes 10 Springs & Spring Inserts

  • Chrome Silicon Wirestock
  • Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, and Cryogenic Processed Post Winding
  • Impregnation / Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide Formulation
  • XP 5-Coil spring has a heavier spring load than OEM springs, thus negating the need for a D-Fender™ ring or adding CRANE Viton O-Rings
  • Use 5-Coil spring with either black extractor spring insert OR CRANE Viton O-Rings, but not both
  • While the XP 5-Coil spring is totally reliable for all 5.56 BBL lengths, it can be aggressive on case rims in 18"+length BBL rifles, and may be too strong for some bolts with extremely tight bolt face tolerances
  • Extreme duty cycles provided while maintaining performance specifications
  • Unaffected by heat up to 750°F
  • D-Fender™ rings are NOT recommended for use with our 5-Coil extractor springs.
  • Plug & play - May easily be the only extractor springs needed for the life of your bolt!!